How to Completely Remove MySearchDial Toolbar and

Can anyone help remove Mysearchdial from the system? I indeliberately got this toolbar on my Chrome browser. When I installed the latest Java update somehow this unwanted extension installed on my computer at the same time even I did not ask for it. My browser is now under the control of this toolbar and the homepage was set to Even if I uninstall Chrome then reinstall this virus just comes right back. I have run Kaspersky on full scan and it failed to pick up the pest. Please help.

If you are looking for the solution for eradicating MySearchDial and restore your homepage back to your personalized one, here is a well-tested removal tool for MySearchDial that you can use to detect and remove malicious files on your system:


About MySearchDial Toolbar

Is it safe? Many people may have question about the safety of MySearchDial as they usually find this unwanted program is being installed on the system after they downloaded or installed legitimate and popular software. MySearchDial search engine was originally developed as a browser extension from a third party which is able to personalize users’ search experience and promises to bring the best online search experience to its users. However, this program is actually deemed as a kind of malware that is called browser hijacker.


By offering users the option to take all their favorite and most-visited sites and place the entrances in one accessible setting, this maleficent browser extension enables web users to use dynamic bookmarking to display any sites as users want for they to easily find and open. It also provides users a quick link to browse and explore recommended applications, popular sites and other useful services. All these convenient features sound so excellent that many users believe that MySearchDial is a useful third party extension.

Except for Google Chrome, it also works with other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Only after this browser toolbar gets installed on your machine, you will find it is totally not the thing it shall be.

Install MySeacrhDial 2

It is able to replace your homepage with the page of as well as the default search engine without asking for your approval before it takes actions. When you are browsing the webs, this malicious toolbar would cause repeated redirects to website or other different unwanted websites that generally show up with annoying ads. The web pages of malicious domain may pop up with a window covering part or all of your entire screen or open in a new tab. Unwanted pages can pop up anytime when you click on a link. Even if you do a search with Google search engine, unwanted pages can keep popping up all the time and you will spend much of your valuable time closing numerous webpages. Therefore MySearchDial is widely considered as a browser hijacker virus.

Mysearchdial google chrome

It is not safe to have MySearchDial malware running on your computer. What it does are not only the simple modifications on the homepage and search settings of your web browser, but also the reduction of your internet security level. It even has the ability to prevent you from changing the settings back. Sometimes the unwanted pop-ups will be displayed in such large amounts that you are not able to close neither the ads nor the browser.

There could be more malicious programs being delivered and installed to your computer automatically when you are redirected to unsafe websites. The purpose of this kind of infections is to display as many ads on victims’ computer and spread malware infection so they can track computer users’ online activities by compromising their security and gain illegal profits from pay-per-click and pay-per-install campaigns.

The good news is that users could get rid of redirect by uninstalling the MySearchDial toolbar and related programs from their web browser and system. It is suggested that you should use a good antivirus program to scan the whole computer in order to find all infected files on your system.


How Can MySearchDial Redirect Virus Get on Your PC?

A browser infection like MySearchDial can be the result of a file share, a drive-by download or a spam e-mail. It can also come as an add-on for your browser or bundled-up with some free software your download from the Internet. Once you download that certain piece of freeware, you unknowingly download the browser virus along with the freeware, which will severely compromise your browsing security. In some situations, the additional programs may actually be mentioned in the end user agreement or terms of use, but users still install the unwanted program for they are usually in a hurry or miss some fine print. MySearchDial Removal Instructions

Method One: Get Rid of MySearchDial with the Manual Removal Method

Step One: Uninstall MySearchDial from Control Panel

Click on Start button and select Control Panel from Start menu.

Start-Control Panel

Under Programs click on Uninstall a program (or Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP).

Uninstall a program

Select Mysearchdial and click the Uninstall/Change button.


Step Two: Remove MySearchDial from Your Browser


Click the Chrome Menu button on the browser toolbar and select Settings.

Chrome menu settings

Under Appearance section, check Show Home button and click Change.

Chrome appearance

Delete the malicious URL of the browser hijacker and enter a new web address of a safe website.

Click on OK.

Chrome changes homepage

Under Search choose Manage search engines…

Chrome search engine

Change the default search engine to Google or other reliable search provider.

Chrome change search engine to Google

Delete from the list and click Done.

Chrome change search engine to Google 2

Under On startup section, click Set pages.

On startup set pages

Delete “” by clicking on the small X to the right.

Click on OK.

Change startup pages


Switch to the Extensions tab (left pane) and click the trash bin icon to the right of Mysearchdial extension.

Mysearchdial extension



Click the Firefox Menu icon in the top right-hand corner and select Options.

Firefox menu options

Under Home Page click the Restore to Default button or enter a new website URL into the address bar to replace the unwanted website.

Restore to default firefox

Click the Search icon on the left part of the Search bar and click on Change Search Settings.
Choose MySearchDial in the list of all available search engines, and click Remove.
In Firefox Menu select Add-ons.
Firefox add-ons
Choose the Extensions tab and click Remove or Disable on the right to Mysearchdial new tab item.
firefox-remove-mysearchdial-extension (1)
IE11-iconInternet Explorer
Click on Tools button and choose Internet Options.
IE internet options
On General tab, under Homepage section, enter the URL of your preferred homepage site at the text box to replace the homepage of and click on OK.
IE change homepage
Click on Tools button again and choose Manage add-ons.
IE Manage add-ons
Select Search Providers under Add-on types, right-click your preferred search engine (e.g. Bing, Google) and select Set As Default.
Then right-click on Mysearchdial search engine and select Remove.Remove-search-provider

Step Three: Delete Malicious Files from Your PC

The browser hijacker will create a directory on your hard drive as a hidden folder. Even if you have uninstalled the main program, its directories will not be removed with it, so you should navigate to the directory where the malicious program was installed on and delete all related folders and files.

Delete the MySearchDial directory from the following location:



%userprofile%\local Settings\application Data\MySearchDial

Method Two: Get Rid of MySearchDial with Quick Fix (Recommended)


Step 1 Download SpyHunter by clicking the below icon:


Step 2 Open the downloaded file, follow the instructions to install SpyHunter.

SpyHunter installation step 2

Step 3 When installation is completed, run SpyHunter and click on “Scan Computer Now!” to do a thorough scan of your computer system.

SpyHunter Scan Computer now

Step 4 It takes a little time to complete the scan. After that, select all threats found and press “Fix Threats” to remove them.

SpyHunter detects MySearchDial

Tips on How to Avoid Browser Hijackers:

To avoid being infected by browser hijacker like and MySearchDial in the future, users should learn how to protect their computers from getting such malware.

Be all eyes and ears when surfing the web. Always read the terms of use/service/agreement for any software you want to download and be cautious about freeware downloads and e-mails coming from unknown sources. Many freeware programs and P2P programs could come with an enormous amount of bundled spyware that will eat system resources, slow down your system, clash with other installed software.

Keep your web browser updated at all times, as vulnerabilities in out-dated versions can be exploited by hackers. Your internet browser will sometimes release new security updates or functionality that can help protect your computer.

Don’t click on pop-up ads or pop-ups offering you something FREE of charge – to close them, never click on “No” (this could lead to downloading malware), but on “X”.

If you suspect a browser hijacking infection, immediately disconnect your machine from the internet – this way you can prevent a browser hijacker from gaining further access to important data and files. However, if you’re still in doubt, contact the support service of your internet security service provider. They should figure out if you’ve been infected or not, and advise you what to do next.

Get an Internet security software that includes antispyware and antivirus features. SpyHunter’s comprehensive Internet security suite comes with all these features providing you with proactive PC protection against all types of malware and virus.

Download Free Scanner now-2

You can watch the video below and follow the removal steps of MySearchDial:

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