How to Remove Ads by Shopper-Pro – Helpful Removal Guide

Are you looking for the quick ways to get rid of Shopper-Pro ads from your PC? Those annoying ads appear in every corner of your web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer when surfing the internet? Ads by Shopper-pro automatically come back without warning after you close the pop up window? Clicking the nettlesome ads you are immediately redirected to more ad sites even malicious sites? So far, there are many users’ PCs infected with Shopper-Pro virus. Here is one guy who is searching for help on forum.

Shopper-Pro victim

Quick solution:

Run SpyHunter – A Powerful Malware Removal Tool to terminate Ads by Shopper-Pro popping up.

What is Shopper-Pro?

Shopper-Pro is classified as an adware that displays tons of unwanted advertisements on the webpage or website you are visiting in order to generate revenue for its developer without any permission once your PC gets infected with it. Sometimes, the advertisements produced by Shopper-Pro are the form of a pop-up or in an “uncloseable window”. To attract users to download and install it on computer, the adware often claims that it is a useful program that can help you enhance your online shopping or browsing experience by providing the prices comparison information as well as the best online deals & coupons to you. Moreover, the software is free to download and install. Such attractive features really draw many users’ attention. However, most ad-supported programs are created for business purposes. In other words, it is designed to generate revenue for its supporter by pay-per-click advertising. As a matter of fact, computer users can get no benefits from it.

Shopper-Pro homepage screenshot

How Do I Know My PC Gets Infected With Shopper-Pro Adware?

The simplest way to prove that your computer has been infected with Shopper-pro is lots of advertisements labeled with Ads by Shopper-Pro, Shopper-Pro Ads, Powered by Shopper-Pro, or Brought to you by Shoper-Pro appearing on your webpage no matter you want them or not. Usually, these intrusive online advertisements pop up when you visit the famous shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Be careful when you see the pop up ads. These so-called Best Online Coupons and Deals generated by Shopper-Pro may have been injected with malware programs. Maybe a simple click may install lots of malicious programs like spyware (Which designed to collect users’ personal information like passwords, credit card details, email address, phone number, or other sensitive data), browser hijacker (Which created to hijack users’ default homepage, new tab, search engine without any permission and redirect them to specific page it wants), Trojans, or rootkits on computer. Clicking Ads by Shopper-Pro may also forward you to sponsored websites, thus cyber criminals or adware creators can get pay-per-click revenue.
Brought to you by Shopper-Pro Powered by Shopper-Pro Shopper-Pro Ads

brought by Shopperpro

The nettlesome pop up ads generated by Shopper-Pro will slow down your computer, interfere with your browsing activities even reduce PC performance. Keeping such stubborn adware on PC may cause a further damage. If you want to stop Ads by Shopper-Pro popping up and make your PC run smoothly, it is highly advised you to get rid of Shopper-Pro from the infected computer quickly.

download iconDownload Shopper-Pro Removal Tool Now!

After knowing about the potential harms caused by Shopper-Pro, now let me tell you how the adware enters your PC. There is a popular way to distribute adware or other malware. It is called ‘bundling’. Well, it means that adware comes into the target computer mainly bundled with freeware. To avoid installing malicious program, first step you should do is to download freeware only from reliable website. Well, that will be better if you choose the software official site. Second, you should pay close attention to the installation process. When you install the free software, you will notice that some additional programs called Special Offer are usually bundled with the freeware you are installing. Before hitting Next button, you are required to read the setup information carefully. If you find any additional programs or the so-called Special Offers, you should uncheck them before clicking next step. Most of the extra programs are rogue applications or malware. In order to tempt you to install the software it recommended, such software often claims that how much benefit it can bring to you or give you provide the lowest price or best deals when you purchase online. Shopper-Pro is a typical example. Usually, adware prefers to bundle with some free applications users often download like VLC Media Player, Merge Mp3, Video Player, Java Update or Java Plug-in, etc. Be cautious when you download these free apps.

Shopper-Pro is bundled with freeware Aditional software Shopper-Pro Shopper-Pro as special offer

If you don’t take a quick action to quickly get rid of Shopper-Pro, the annoying pop up ads powered by it won’t stop continuing to interfere with your browsing activities since all of the intrusive ads generated by this adware. Only remove the adware can you completely get rid of Ads by Shopper-Pro. Please follow the guide below to quickly and completely eliminate Shopper-Pro adware from computer.

Shopper-Pro Removal Guide

iconUninstall Shopper-Pro from Control Panel

iconRemove Shopper-Pro from Chrome/Firefox/IE

iconClean Shopper-Pro leftovers with SpyHunter (Important Step)

iconReset browsers to default settings (Optional)


Although Shopper-Pro is a browser extension, it will also automatically run as a regular program in the background every time you reboot your PC. So first step you should do is to uninstall this adware program from Control Panel. For different types of Windows, we offer the corresponding uninstall instructions. Read on.

Windows 7/Vista

Click Start menu and select Control Panel.

Control Panel - Windows 7

Click Uninstall a program under Programs.

Uninstall a program

Look for Shopper-Pro from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall to remove it.

uninstall Shopper-Pro from Windows 7, Vista


Windows XP

Click Start menu and choose Control Panel.

Control Panel

Click Add or Remove Programs.

Add or Remove programs

Search for Shopper-Pro from the list of installed programs and click Remove button to uninstall it.

remove Shoper-Pro from Windows XP


Windows 8/10

For Windows 8, move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen, right-click Start menu when it shows up and select Control Panel.

Control Panel - Windows 8

For Windows 10, right-click the icon Windows10 icon located in the lower left corner of the screen and select Control Panel.

Control Panel Windows 10

When a window pops up, click Uninstall a program under Programs.

Uninstall a program - Windows 8

In the opened window, find out Shopper-Pro from the list of currently installed programs and click Uninstall to eliminate it.

uninstall Shopper-Pro from Windows 8,10

Step2. Remove Shopper-Pro from Chrome/Firefox/IE


chrmRemove unwanted extension from Chrome

Launch your Chrome, click the 3 parallel lines icon 3baricon at the top right corner and select More tools > Extensions.


Find out Shopper-Pro extension and click the trash bin icon trash icon to eliminate it.

remove Shopper-Pro from Google Chrome


mozilla_firefoxRemove malicious extensions from Firefox

After you open your Firefox, click Firefox menu 3baricon at the top right corner and choose Add-ons.


Look for Shopper-Pro extension and click Remove button to get rid of it.

Remove Shopper-Pro from Firefox


ikona_explorerRemove baleful plug-ins from IE

After you open your IE, click the gear icon gear icon at the upper right corner and then choose Manage add-ons.

Manage add-ons

Search for malicious plug-in Shopper-Pro and click Disable button to remove it.

disable Shopper-Pro from IE

Step3. Clean Shopper-Pro Leftovers with SpyHunter

Why you are strongly advised to do this important step? Shopper-Pro is a stubborn adware program. To avoid being removed by the simple manual steps and the common security software, it has created lots of files and registry entries in your system as soon as the adware comes into the target computer. So to completely get rid of Shopper-Pro, you must clean all of its residual files from your PC.

Here, we highly recommend a reliable malware removal tool – SpyHunter to you.

SpyHunter is a powerful and real-time anti-malware application designed to assist computer users in protecting their PCs from malicious threats. With its advanced technology, the reliable removal tool can detect, remove and block any types of malware including adware, browser hijacker, spyware, Trojans, virus, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.

What SpyHunter Can Do for You?

tickDeliver ongoing protection against the latest malware, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware and other malicious software.

tickDetect, remove and block adware, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, cookies, Trojans and other types of malware.

tickDaily malware definition updates ensure a complete protection from the latest malware threats.

tickSystem Guards will identify and stop any processes that attempt to secretly auto-start malware entries by exploiting the Windows registry.

You can quickly and completely get rid of Shopper-Pro with just one click.


  • Once finished downloading, click Run button.


  • Choose the language you prefer and click OK button.


  • Click CONTINUE to go on.


  • Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL button.


  • Click FINISH button to finish SpyHunter installation.


  • Once finished installing, launch SpyHunter to scan your PC by clicking Scan Computer Now.


  • Once finished scanning, please click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats.

Fix Threat

Step4. Reset Browsers to Default Settings. (Optional)

Please note that all of your personal settings will be lost if you choose to reset browsers to default settings. I suggest doing this step since Shopper-Pro keeps monitoring your browsing history including your personal information like passwords, credit card details, pages viewed, sites visited, etc. However, you’d better back up your data before performing the step as your

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.


How to Avoid Being Attacked in the Future?

Malware creators always look for lots of new ways to attack your PC. To stay protected when surfing the internet, the following security tips will be very helpful.

1) Install Reputable Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware Software

Spyware is typically malicious software that designed to collect personal information without your knowledge and consent and insert lots of unwanted pop up ads to the webpage you visit. Spyware is hard to be detected and removed by common antivirus software. However, Anti-Spyware software is totally different. It can provide a real-time protection to your PC, which means that all of the stubborn malware (including spyware, adware, browser hijacker, Trojans, rootkits) can’t bypass the detection and removal by the real-time Anti-Spyware program.

Highly recommended:

SpyHunter – A Real-Time Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware


2) Keep Programs Up to Date

Not just keep programs like security programs, web browsers, and plug-ins up to date. You should also make sure you have the latest version of the operating system. Attackers prefer to insert all types of malware to the target computer by exploiting browser or system vulnerabilities. So it is very important to keep software up to date because it is also another effective way to protect your PC from malware infection.

3) Use a Strong Password

Using a strong password is an effective way to maintain system security as complex passwords are difficult for hackers or cyber criminals to crack. A strong password should include 8 characters in length at least and the password should contain number, letters (upper case & lower case), special symbol like @&*%, etc. Besides, never use the same passwords on different sites.

4) Say “No” to Spam Emails

Nowadays, it has become a common means for hackers to distribute malware though spam emails. Hackers usually title the email with attractive words with the purpose of tempting you to open the emails. Never open it if the email sent by unknown people and delete it once received. Otherwise, your PC may be infected with lots of malware due to your curiosity.

5) Keep Away from Malicious Websites

If your anti-malware software has warned you the website you are going to visit is a malicious site, you should return to safe web. Do not keep on. Maybe a simple click you will fall into the trap designed by hackers. Malicious websites definitely distribute all sorts of malware programs.

6) Only Download Software from Reliable Websites & Refuse Special Offers

The software you want to download should only from reliable website like official site. Most of unreliable websites offer users a quicker download for their favorite software in order to increase website traffic and ranking. However, convenience isn’t equal to safety. Potentially shady websites usually add malware like adware, browser hijackers, and spyware to the regular software that users won’t see. If you hurry to click Next button, you will find that other malware programs will be installed on computer along with the chosen software at the same time. Why I advise you to refuse Special Offers? Most Special Offers are malicious programs or just third party developers advertise their products. In reality such special offers won’t give you any benefits.

The link below is a typical example, you can have a look.

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