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Hello, I need your help. My searching is stopped due to appearance of webpage. I don’t know where this homepage comes from and it quickly occupies my default search engine. Not only my Chrome but also other browsers get infected with the webpage. I seem to be forced to use it. However, I don’t think it work well because search results are less authoritative than mainstream search engines? What do you think of the webpage? Somehow I want to be clear of it. Could you help me? I am looking forward to your reply.


The Basic Information about

Threat Name
Type Browser Hijacker

Danger Level


Affected Browsers

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera & Microsoft Edge


Change new tab, homepage and default search engine

Monitor your activity online and make a record of your browsing data.

Spoil your browsing experience

Distribution Methods

Via software-bundling, per-to-per file-sharing network, spam emails or rogue sponsored links


Read the detailed guide below or download a removal tool!



More Details of is a fake search engine that gets into your browsers without users’ approval. It has very similar characteristics to hundreds of other search engines such as,, and Most search engines have more or less identical appearance: a search box and search options. Besides, some fake search engines like will display a real-time clock, a random background and quick access to some websites to Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, and Twitter etc. These designs make users believe their websites are more professional and authoritative. When it takes off the beautiful mask, you will find nothing value. It won’t destroy your computer like Trojan. However, you won’t benefit from the fake search engine. To increase traffic and get revenue, the fake search engine will take opportunities to attract your attention and more clicking.


The search engine will change settings of the infected browsers. It replaces both your homepage and search engine with its own domain. When the fake search engine enters your browsers, you will be redirected to site from time to time when you open the browser. The worse case is that victims will fall into a circle of redirection if every new tab begins with the webpage. Although you get varied and interesting contents from the site, these items are not useful as you thought. You should know that the imitate purpose of developers is promoting products and get profit whatever it provides to you. Sometimes pop-up ads will slip into search results when you try to search for something through the fake search engine. Moreover, clicking on search results provided by the search engine will redirect you to some malevolent websites. That’s why is regarded as a browser hijacker. Sometimes the browser hijacker can be used to deliver ad-supported programs and other malicious software. Therefore, you’d better remove the browser hijacker as soon as possible.


How Does invade your PC?

Bundling is the most popular technique that the browser hijacker often uses to spread. Due to poor capacity and performance, some software are not welcomed by users, let alone downloaded. So developers will use “bundling” method to promote their software. And evil criminals also use the method to spread browser hijackers. The object bundled is usually a popular freeware or shareware, whose designers have agreed to collaborate with developers of malware in order to earn revenue. After you enter download page, you will fall into traps if you are careless.


Trap One: The webpage provides several fake buttons so that some users will feel confused and then download a different program mistakenly.


Solution: Don’t click pop-up ads that ask you to download. It is advised to read advertising slogans and information below download buttons. The fake download button occupies most of the front page, while the real download button usually lies on unnoticeable area.


Trap Two: Software packages hide themselves when you are installing desired software.


Solution: Always choose Advanced or Custom option. You need to unselect those items when you detect them. If you fail to do so, you will find you computer runs slow because a number of unwanted programs are being installing and running in the background. You can only uninstall them after completion of these unwanted programs.


To prevent the browse hijacker, you should be careful online. However, someone may be cheated by cunning hackers although he/she is careful enough. It is recommended to follow the removal guide to remove this browser hijacker once you detect it.


shape-lightTips You Should Know Before Starting the Real Removal Process

  • Back up your important files and browsing data including cookies, bookmarks, password and so on.
  • Spare your time to carry out removal guide.
  • Don’t stop the running removal process to avoid causing further damage to the infected system.
  • Choose a method that is appropriate for you. If you are not experienced at computer, you can use automatic removal tool, which is a better option to remove



How to Remove

Automatic Removal Guide of (Recommended)

Manual Removal Guide of

Step 1 Remove from Your Browsers

Step 2 Repair Shortcuts of Your Browsers

Step 3 Reset Your Browsers

Step 3 Delete Registry Entries Created by


Manual Removal Guide of


Step 1 Remove from your Browsers


icon-chrome-60x60Google Chrome

Run Google Chrome, type “chrome://settings/” in the address bar and hit Enter key.


You should pay attention to three sections: On Startup, Homepage and Search.


In On Startup section, click on Set pages.


In the pop-up window, remove the suspicious link by clicking ×.


Click OK to close the window.

In Homepage section, click Change under Show Home button.


In the pop-up window, remove the suspicious link.


Click OK to close the window.

In Search section, click on Manage search engines…


Delete items added by the suspicious link by clicking ×


Note: You’d better set another search engine as Default and then remove if has been labeled by “Default”.


Click Done button to apply the changes.


Close Google Chrome.

Try to clean up browsing data and reset settings if the steps don’t work.


icon-ieInternet Explorer

Run Internet Explorer, click on Tools button and select Internet Options.

Internet options IE

In the General tab, delete the suspicious link and set a new homepage link.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Select Manage Add-ons from Tools menu.


Enter Search provides tab, select unwanted search engine like the suspicious link and then click Remove button.


Close Internet Explorer.

Try to clean up browsing data and reset settings if the steps don’t work.


icon-firefox-1-60x60Mozilla Firefox

Launch Mozilla Firefox, click on ≡ and select Options.


In the General tab, remove the suspicious link in Home page section and set a new homepage link.


Navigate to Search tab, check up Search engines and delete suspicious items by clicking Remove button.

firefox search

Close Mozilla Firefox.

Try to clean up browsing data and reset settings if the steps don’t work.



Run Safari, click on Tools button and select Preferences…


Go to General tab and look at the Homepage section.

Delete the suspicious link, type blank page or set a new homepage link.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

Navigate to Extensions tab and then select unwanted extensions related to the suspicious link and click Uninstall button.safari-extensionsremove

Close Safari.

Try to clean up browsing data and reset settings if the steps don’t work.



Open Opera, click on Opera icon on the upper-left corner and then select Settings from the pop-up menu.


In On Startup section, click on Set pages.


In the pop-up window, delete the suspicious link by clicking ×.


Click OK to close the window.

In Search section, click on Manage search engines…


Delete items related to the suspicious link by clicking ×


Click Done button to apply the changes.

Close Opera.

Try to clean up browsing data and reset settings if the steps don’t work.


Note: Can’t find traces of in your browser? Why it comes back after you remove it? Sometimes the browser hijacker prefers hiding itself. If the registry entries have been added by the browser hijacker, then the manual removal will fail. Therefore, you are recommended to go to Step 4 or download an automatic tool to remove quickly.



Step 2 Repair Shortcuts of Your Browsers

Right click on the icon of Chrome/IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera on the desktop and then select Properties.

IE properties

Check up Target section and delete the malicious URL.


Click Apply and OK button.

Note: URL usually lies at the end of Target. Be careful not to delete the path of the browser mistakenly, otherwise the browser will run abnormally.


Step 3 Reset Your Browsers


icon-chrome-60x60Google Chrome

Run Google Chrome, type “chrome://settings/” in the address bar and press Enter key.


Click on Show advanced settings…

Show advanced settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Reset settings button if you find it.

chrome reset settings

Click Reset to initiate resetting process.

chrome resetsettings


Restart Google Chrome


icon-ieInternet Explorer

Run Internet Explorer, click on Tools button and select Internet Options.

Internet options IE

Navigate to Advanced tab, and then click Reset button.

ie advanced-reset

The “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” window pops up, you need to check “Delete personal settings” and then click on Reset button.


Click Close button to confirm completion of the resetting.

ie reset close

Restart Internet Explorer


icon-firefox-1-60x60Mozilla Firefox

Open Tools menu, click help icon and select Troubleshooting Information from the Help menu.

Troubleshooting Information


Click on Refresh Firefox and then click on Refresh Firefox to initiate resetting.

Refresh Firefox button

Please wait for several seconds before completion of the resetting

The import wizard will pop up and tell you that the browser imported some items including Cookies, Browsing History and Bookmarks and so on.

firefox resettingfinish

Click Finish button.

Restart Mozilla Firefox



Run Opera, click on “Customize and control Opera” button on the upper-left corner.

Select More tools and then click Clear browsing data

opera clearbrowsingdata

Select items you want to clean and then click Clear browsing data button.

opera clear browing

Note: you can choose an earlier time from the drop-down menu besides “Obliterate the following items from”

Restart Opera



Run Safari, click on gear button and then select Reset Safari.

sa reset safari

Select the items you want to reset, and then click Reset button. The operation can’ be undone.

sa reset safari-2

Restart Safari


Step 4 Delete Registry Entries Created by

Press Windows + R together to initiate Run dialogue box.


Type “regedit” in the box and then Press Enter key.


Click Edit and select Findregedit-editfind

Type in the box and hit Enter key.


Delete associated items if you find them.


Note: you can also locate the following path and remove registry entries related to

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\S-1-5-21-3318697060-3405326269-2039665713-1001\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\S-1-5-21-3318697060-3405326269-2039665713-1001\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs


Repeat the steps above until the window pops up.

find nothing


Do you feel difficult when carrying out manual removal guide?

Can’t solve the problem?

Lead to more problems?

Why not try automatic removal tool?


The reasons why people choose automatic removal tool

YES_31.466666666667px_1122562_easyicon.netEasy to use for everyone

YES_31.466666666667px_1122562_easyicon.netSave time and effort

YES_31.466666666667px_1122562_easyicon.netMore effective and safe than manual removal


Automatic Removal Guide of (Recommended)

Remove with SpyHunterSpyhunter4

SpyHunter is a useful anti-malware program published by Enigma Software Group USA, LLC. Due to real-time database, SpyHunter can remove detected potential computer threats including rootkits, PUP, adware, browser hijackers and so on. Besides, it also can provides your computer with round-the-clock protection.

Click on the button to start downloading SpyHunter



Open the downloaded file (Spyhunter-Installer.exe) and click “Run” button when you are asked whether you want to run this file.


Click OK button after selecting your language.


Click Continue button.


Choose “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” and then Install button.


The installation will complete after a period of time.

installtion process

Click EXIT button to close the window.


Run a full-scan of your computer

Open SpyHunter SpyHunter-shortcut(double-click on the icon of SpyHunter)

Select “Start a New System Scan” and then click Scan Computer Now!


The system scan is in process.


After the scan is finished, detected malicious items will display in a list. You can click plus sign to see detailed description of these items.



Select one or more item and then click “Fix Threats” button.

Restart your computer if you are required to do so.


When tries to change your shortcuts on your desktop or start menu, the window below will pop up if you has installed SpyHunter. Please click “Repair” button to restore the shortcuts to the default value, unless you intentionally modified these values.


Remove with PCKeeper AntivirusPCKeeper-AntiVirus-image-e1474972027718

PCKeeper Antivirus is also a userful detection & removal tool. Different from other removal tools, PCKeeper Antivirus provides the one-to-one assistance, which means that you still have a chance to find a solution from computer experts online although the program can’t find the pest. It is easy to use and requires basic computer knowledge.

Download PCKeeper Antivirus by clicking the button below.



Double-click on the downloaded file and click Start Install button to install the program.


Once installed, PCKeeper Antivirus will automatically start and you will the program is Gathering Data.pckeeper-gathering-data

After Gathering Data is completed, please click Full Scan or Custom Scan based on your own individual needs (Full Scan provides a more deeper scan, but slower than Custom).

pckeeper-full-scan-or-custom-scan When the scan is done, you will now be presented with a screen showing you the malware infections that PCKeeper Antivirus has detected. To remove malicious items that PCKeeper Antivirus has found, click Delete or Add to Quarantine button.


Reboot your computer if you are required to do so.


Remove with Plumbytes Anti-Malwareplumbytes_anti-malware

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is an effective anti-malware removal tool which assists users in detecting and removing computer threats like browser hijackers, adware, Trojans, spyware, worms, and rootkits that other antivirus program will miss. Its clean appearance and high detection ability are welcomed by many computer users.

Click the download button below download Plumbytes Anti-Malware



Click “Install” button to begin installation of Plumbytes Anti-Malware


It will take several seconds to complete installation.

Installing Plumbytes

Once installed, Plumbytes Anti-Malware will automatically run a scan of your system. If not, please double-click on the icon of Plumbytes Anti-Malware and “Run a scan“.


After scan is completed, all detected items will show in the list.


Select or select All and then click REMOVE SELECTED button.

Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Summary is one of Browser Hijacker, which is used for alter users’ browser settings. It always imitates other search engine like Bing and plays a role of a good search tool. The most obvious symptom of the browser hijacker is that users are redirected to its site or other strange sites that they don’t want to visit. It can take control of your browsers and stop you from changing default settings back. According to the research, 70% of computer users will become annoyed when they encounter redirection again and again. It is difficult for computer beginners to solve the problem when encounter the kind of problem at the first time. Some users may change infected browser to another browser. However, it is also able to infect more browsers as it can go into your computer successfully. In addition to software bundling, the browser hijacker is distributed by suspicious links or pop-up ads. You must deal with the problem because won’t go without removal. The longer the browser hijacker stays in the computer, the further it does harm to the system performance. Hence, you are recommended to remove as soon as possible if you detect it.


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