Effective Way to Remove Nova.rambler.ru from Your PC

What is Nova.rambler.ru? It somehow becomes my default search page without my knowledge and permission. I was used to search the Internet via Google but now I cannot reset Google as my default search page. My homepage is now changed to https://r0.ru which offers a search box for me to search the internet. As I put the keywords into the search box and press the Enter key, I will get redirected to the search page of https://nova.rambler.ru. I have tried several ways to fix this problem, but failed. Can anyone tell me why this happened and how I can resolve it?

Your problem seems to be caused by the Nova.rambler.ru browser hijacker that has the ability to change your homepage and search page settings without asking your approval. To reset your homepage and search page to your favorite ones, you have to get rid of Nova.rambler.ru browser hijacker from your computer effectively.


What is Nova.rambler.ru?

Nova.rambler.ru is a webpage which you will be redirected to when doing a search via the website “http://r0.ru”. It is not a reliable search page that you should trust, although it offers various search results as what other popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo do. Legitimate search engine usually provides the correct and relevant search results to you. However, Nova.rambler.ru provides more annoying pop up ads than the accurate search results that you really want. In fact, it is a browser hijacker that belongs to the malware family. Such browser hijacker is created to use misleading practices to hijack your web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari), search results, and other Internet settings. It may lock your settings to their servers, and may intercept and track your web searches and other data. If you don’t take a quick action to get rid of the malware, it may compromise your privacy and damage your system.


Most deceptive search engines claim to provide a quick and precise search result to users and enhance their browsing experience. But in fact their main goal is to link you to visit third party websites or specific sites so as to improve website ranking and increase website traffic. Thus, the developer of the malware may generate revenue. Browser hijacker like Nova.rambler.ru even redirects you to visit malicious websites where contain all types of malware like adware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, keyloggers, etc. Once entered, there is no doubt that your computer will be infected with these malicious programs. In addition, browser hijacker is capable of monitoring your browsing history and collecting the personal information like passwords, email address, IP address, search queries, even credit card details, etc. If the sensitive data is exposed to cyber criminals or scammers, it may cause data loss and identify theft. Malware is stubborn and not as simple as we think. Therefore, you need to quickly remove Nova.rambler.ru without any hesitation.

search result page

Most users don’t know about the characteristics of a browser hijacker. After your PC gets infected by such malware, the obvious change is that your browser settings have been modified including browser’s default homepage, search engine, new tab and browsers shortcuts. In addition, you will notice that your browsing speed becomes slower and slower. It usually takes a long time to load a page. Moreover, you are constantly redirected to the unsafe web pages that you are not going to view. Sometimes, the malware may block you entering the regular websites. What’s worse, every time you open your browser and want to do a search, your webpage is flooded with tons of intrusive pop up ads and sponsored links. It is never an easy thing to get rid of these annoying pop-up windows. Don’t expect you can surf the Internet smoothly again unless you eliminate the infection with the help of Malware Removal Tool. Another aspect that users often ignore, malware like Nova.rambler.ru usually installs lots of unwanted extensions, add-ons, plug-ins to your web browsers stealthily once your browser is hijacked by this infection. Therefore, except for removing the browser hijacker, you still need to delete any suspicious extensions and add-ons related to the threat.


Don’t know how to get rid of Nova.rambler.ru from your web browser? Why not try a malware removal tool and run it to quickly remove the stubborn browser hijacker as well as other potentially unwanted programs from your PC?


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How Does Your PC Get Infected With Nova.rambler.ru?

Using ‘bundling’ technique has become the main way to spread malware by cyber criminals. Many users complain that their browsers are hijacked by Nova.rambler.ru after installing a free application. Why is this happening? Now, I will show some useful suggestions to help you prevent malware infections. As mentioned before, malware comes into the target computer mainly bundled with freeware. When you download free software or other regular software, make sure you download the target software from the official website or other famous software download sites. Now, I will tell you how to install an application correctly. When installing the free software, first you should check whether the setup wizard provides the Advanced or Custom Install option before clicking Next button to install. If it allows you to select the option, you should choose Advanced or Custom Install instead of Express or Quick Install. Second, if you find any recommended software is offered to install free, you should refuse to install them. Third, if you find any additional programs are checked by default, you should deselect them. Usually, most additional programs are adware or browser hijackers. If you can keep in mind the useful tips, it will greatly reduce the risk of infecting malware.


Effective Way to Remove Nova.rambler.ru from Your PC

The following effective removal steps will guide you to delete Nova.rambler.ru browser hijacker from your machine step by step. However, you have to master certain computer knowledge and good at killing malware, cleaning its leftovers including the temporary files and registry entries manually. Only in this way can you completely remove the malware from the infected computer. If you want to look for an easier and quicker and more effective way to clean the stubborn malware, we recommend you to use an exclusive malware removal tool.


Option 1: Remove Nova.rambler.ru with Plumbytes Anti-Malware (Highly Recommended)


What Is Plumbytes Anti-Malware?

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is an excellent anti-malware program that protects your computer with special care. It can detect and remove annoying browser toolbars or extensions, spyware, browser hijackers, ad injects and other types of malware. It can also restores your hijacked browser, search engine, and home page, and constantly monitors your computer’s security. If you fail to remove a certain malware threat, you can contact the technicians who provide 24/7 live technical support for you. They will help you remove any kind of PC threat.


Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware setup file by clicking the button below.

download removal tool button

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Run the setup file after it has been downloaded successfully, and then follow the instructions to install Plumbytes Anti-malware on your PC.

You can change the default installation language on the top right corner. Click on the INSTALL button and the setup wizard will start.

install Plumbytes Anti-Malware step 1

When the installation is completed, this program will automatically update its database and perform a new scan for your computer system. It will scan through the whole computer for all kinds of potential malware threats.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware starts scan

You can browse the details of scanning results while the scan is in process.

The time for completing the scan depends on the particular condition on individual computer system. After the scanning gets finished, all detected threats will be marked and you can remove them all by simply clicking on the “REMOVE NOW” button.

If there are any safe programs being wrongfully flagged as malicious items and you want to keep them on your computer, you should deselect them before clicking the “REMOVE SELECTED” button.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware remove threats

Once the program finishes the removal, please restart your PC to make the change take effect.


Option 2: Manually Remove Nova.rambler.ru Step by Step


Step1. Remove Nova.rambler.ru homepage and search engine from Chrome/Firefox/IE

google-chrome-icon-32-32 Google Chrome

Click Chrome menu 3baricon at the upper right corner and select Settings.


In the Settings window, click Set pages link.

Set pages

Delete the malicious startup page http://nova.rambler.ru/ by clicking X icon at the end. Then you can enter a desired web address like ww.google.com as your new startup page and click OK button.

Return to Settings window, click Change link.

Delete the unsafe homepage link and then click OK button.

Continue to return to Settings window, click the drop down menu icon to select your favorite default search engine such as Google.

Then click Manage search engine button to delete Nova.rambler.ru.

Manage search engine

Search for the unwanted search engine and click X icon to remove it.


mozilla-firefox-icon-32-32 Mozilla Firefox

Click the Firefox menu icon 3baricon at the top right corner and select Options.


Delete the unwanted homepage link in the Home Page box. Then you can type a preferable web address as your new homepage and click Use Current Page button.

Stay on Options window, now turn to click Search tab on the left bar. Then click the drop down menu icon to select your favorite search engine such as Google.

change default search engine in Firefox

After finishing the above operation, scroll down your cursor. Look for unwanted search engine under the Search Engine box, and then click Remove button to get rid of it.


ie-icon-32-32 Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer, click the gear icon gear icon at the top right corner and then select Internet options.

Internet options

In the opened window, delete the unwanted homepage link in the Home page box. Then you can set a preferable one as your default homepage or choose Use new tab. After that, don’t forget to click Apply > OK button.


Click IE again, click the gear icon gear icon at the top right corner and then select Manage add-ons.

Manage add-ons

In the opened window, click Search Provider tab on the left bar. First you need to choose your favorite search provider such as Bing or Google by clicking Set as default button, then find out unwanted search engine and click Remove to get rid of it.


Step2. Fix your browser shortcuts to delete Nova.rambler.ru malware.

google-chrome-icon-32-32 Google Chrome

Right-click the Chrome shortcut on your desktop or Taskbar and choose Properties.


Navigate to the Shortcut tab and delete everything behind .exe” in the Target field. Then click Apply > OK button.


mozilla-firefox-icon-32-32 Mozilla Firefox

Right-click Firefox shortcut on the Desktop and select Properties.


In the Target field, delete the unwanted arguments behind .exe and then click Apply > OK button.


ie-icon-32-32 Internet Explorer

Right-click the Internet Explorer shortcut on the Desktop and select Properties.


After a dialog box pops up, delete everything behind .exe in the Target field and then click Apply > OK button.


Step3. Remove any suspicious extensions, add-ons and plug-ins from Chrome/Firefox/IE.

No matter it is browser hijacker or other malware programs. These malicious programs may install lots of unwanted toolbars, extensions, and add-ons to your browsers to slow down the browsing speed. Some of them may monitor your browsing history and gather the privacy data like password, credit card details, email address, etc. So you should follow the guide below to delete any dubious extensions, add-ons and toolbars from your web browsers.

google-chrome-icon-32-32 Google Chrome

Open your Chrome, click the Chrome menu 3baricon at the right corner of the window and select More tools > Extensions.


Look for any unwanted extensions and click the trash bin icon trash icon to delete them.

remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome


mozilla-firefox-icon-32-32Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox, click the main menu 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and then select Add-ons.


Now you will get a window as shown below, find out any suspicious add-ons and click Remove button to eliminate them.

remove malicious add-ons from Firefox


ie-icon-32-32Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer, click the gear icon gear icon at the upper right corner of the window and select Manage add-ons.

Manage add-ons

In the Manage add-ons window, search for any unwanted plug-ins and then click Disable button to remove them.

disable unwanted plug-ins from Internet Explorer


Step4. Reset Chrome/Firefox/IE to default settings(optional).


google-chrome-icon-32-32 Google Chrome

Launch your Chrome, click Chrome menu 3baricon at the top right corner of the window and choose Settings option.


Scroll down your cursor and click Show advanced settings link.

Show advanced settings

Then keep scrolling down to the bottom and click Reset settings button.

Reset settings

In the conformation dialog box, click Reset button.

Reset Google


mozilla-firefox-icon-32-32Mozilla Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox, click Firefox menu 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and then click the question mark icon help icon at the lower right corner.

reset Firefox

Select Troubleshooting Information.

Troubleshooting Information

In the opened window, click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox

In the confirmation dialog box, click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox button


ie-icon-32-32Internet Explorer

After you open Internet Explorer, click IE menu icon gear icon at the upper right corner of the window and select Internet options.

Internet options

In the opened window, click Advanced tab and then click Reset button.

Reset Internet Explorer

After a dialog box pops up, check Delete personal settings and click Reset button.

Reset button

In the confirmation dialog box, click Close button.

Close button

After finishing the above computer, I suggest you to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Important Note: If your web browser is still hijacked by Nova.rambler.ru through the manual removal steps, it is obvious that the browser hijacker is stubborn. Simple manual removal way is not suitable to get rid of it. To permanently remove the hard-to-killed malware, you should use a professional malware removal tool.


Useful Tips to Keep Your PC Safe

Nowadays, cyber criminals are more and more rampant. They use all sorts of deceptive ways to spread malware to users’ computers, steal their personal information like passwords, credit card details, bank card account, emails address and use that data to commit fraud. It is dangerous! To protect your PC and privacy security, you should be very careful when surfing the Internet. Here, we list some useful tips below that will help to effectively prevent malware infections if you bear in mind.

  • Keep your browsers and systems up to date. Malware like Nova.rambler.ru is good at exploiting browser and system vulnerabilities to attack your PC.
  • Install a real-time anti-malware program and run to scan your PC regularly.
  • Download freeware only from its official website or reliable sites.
  • Always choose Advanced or Custom Install when installing freeware and do not agree to install any additionally unknown programs.
  • Never visit any malicious websites when browsing the web.
  • Do not randomly click any misleading pop-up windows that usually warn you “Your Computer May Be Infected” or “Download Repair Tool”. Never click those fake windows. Otherwise, your PC will be vulnerable to attack by malware.
  • Don’t open unknown email or spam email unless it is sent from your friend.

Nova.rambler.ru still hijacks your default homepage and search engine after manually removing it? Run an exclusive malware removal tool to easily kill it now! The anti-malware program provided below will help quickly detect and remove the browser hijacker completely within a few clicks of mouse!

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Tips : You can also watch the video below to perform the manual removal of Nova.rambler.ru .

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