Easy Ways to Remove Searchvzc.com

Whenever you search something you get redirected to Searchvzc.com?
Do you have a tough time for getting rid of this redirect virus?
Do you get a bunch of useless websites from the search results?
Doesn’t the anti-malware program you downloaded detect it?
How can you remove the pest completely?

If you are having the problem of being redirected to Searchvzc.com, you can try the troubleshooting steps in this post to fix the issue. For safety’s sake, it is suggested that you get a professional malware removal tool to perform a comprehensive system scan and remove the browser hijacker completely.


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What Is Searchvzc.com?

Searchvzc.com is a browser hijacking infection that brings up random websites whenever you click on any web page. It is able to get inside users’ browser along side with freeware. The most popular web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox can get the possibility of being affected. This malicious redirect virus will hijack the searches on the affected web browsers so that the browsing first will go through http://query.searchvzc.com (insecure website!) and then fall on search.yahoo.com finally. It provides modified search results on Yahoo Search in order to mislead users to install potentially unwanted software. The developers of this browser hijacker can earn great revenue from traffic and advertising programs. It may try to trick you into downloading a PC Booster that you actually don’t need. What is more, you may be redirected to other fake search engine sites that looks like the real Google or Bing homepage. Its real intent is to get you install malicious browser extension or search engine to your browser. By displaying fake ads, the cyber criminals has coerced a lots of inexperienced users into installing malicious software.



Searchvzc.com is a malicious site that can be activated when you enter unsafe sites. It can influence on your computer with various types of advertisements such as banner ads, underlined ads, coupons, drop-down ads, pop-up windows, promo codes, deals and much more. Apart from these, it uses several distribution channels and distributed them via the Internet. Whatever in which way, it is ultimate aim is to change the settings of the compromised computer and browser. It may even send personally identifiable data to its partners or hackers for gaining profit.


If you don’t remove Searchvzc.com browser hijacker and related malware quickly, your browsing activities will always be interrupted by pop-up ads and your private information might be in danger. So, please take action to remove this browser hijacker without any hesitation!


Why Is Searchvzc.com Hard to Remove?

For lots of users it is really tough to remove Searchvzc.com browser hijacker. No matter how they try to get it removed from their browsers, it can always come back again and again.

Why is Searchvzc.com so hard to remove? The reason is simple: a browser hijacker doesn’t have a visible and detectable program so that many common antivirus programs cannot detect and delete it. Users know that their computers get infected by a browser hijacker as they notice the change of the browser homepage. However, most antivirus programs can’t be so smart that they can recognize a browser hijacker by detecting the changes of browser settings. This is the main reason why users cannot completely remove a stubborn browser hijacker even though they have tried several antivirus programs.

Searchvzc.com Manual Removal Guide

This browser hijacker could get itself associated with some of the important system services which enables it work as a necessary operating system process. This makes it more difficult to locate and identify the malicious file on the infected system. Even if you are able to identify the malicious component, it can be a tough task to delete the file because the file is running as part of operating system file.

It is highly recommended running a smart malware removal tool to run a full system scan. If your current antivirus program can’t detect any traces of a browser hijacker, then you can try using the malware removal tool provided below:

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End relevant process from Task Manager

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly bring up Task Manager Window:

windows 7 task manager

2. Users should check from Task Manager and see if there is any relevant process occupying the system resources and then end it immediately.

Remove related program from Control Panel

For Windows 7/Vista

  1. Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

win7 uninstallprogram

  1. Now find out the threatening programs or something suspicious then click “Uninstall/Change” like below.

For Windows 8

1. Click Charms bar > Settings > Control Panel.


2. Search for “Uninstall a program” and click on it.

3. Look for suspicious programs, select them and click “Uninstall”.

Remove Malicious Extension and Searchvzc.com from Your Browser

Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

IE internet options

Replace the URL of the browser hijacker and enter another web address that you want to set as home page under Home page in General tab.

Click on Apply and OK.

IE change homepage

Click on the Tools icon at the top right corner of the Internet Explorer and select Manage Add-ons from the context menu.

IE tools manage add-ons

Select Search Providers from list of Add-on Types.

IE Search providers

If the dubious search engine is your current search provider, you need to select the other search engine like Google or Bing as default and then you are allowed to remove malicious search engine.

You can also check for unwanted browser toolbars or extensions in Toolbars and Extensions.

IE toolbars

As long as you find any malicious item, select it and click on Disable.

IE Disable toolbars

If your browser homepage still gets redirected to unwanted websites, you may need to fix the browser shortcut manually.

Right click the shortcut of IE browser and select Properties.

IE Shortcut properties

Look at the Target field, delete everything following Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” and click on OK to apply the change.

remove launchpage.org from IE shortcut


Mozilla Firefox
1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Click Menu > Options

Firefox options
3. In General tab, delete the unwanted website URL and enter a new home page link

Firefox General Home page

4. Switch to Search tab, choose the unwanted search engine and click on Remove
5. Click Menu > Add-ons

extensions and plugins of firefox

6. Choose Extensions tab, click on Remove button to uninstall the unwanted browser extension
7. Choose Plugins tab, choose Never Activate to stop the malicious plug-in from running

Never activate firefox plugins

8. Close the browser and restart it.


Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click on More icon > Settings

Chrome settings

3. Click on Change under Appearance

Chrome appearance

4. You will see that the homepage as well as new tab page are set as the web address of the browser hijacker. Delete it and input a new web address you like and click on OK

Chrome change homepage

5. Click Manage search engines… Under Search you can find that your search settings is under control of unwanted search engine

Chrome manage search engines

6. Make Google or other famous search engine as your preferred search engine before you delete the unwanted one

Chrome make google as default

7. Delete the malicious search engine from the list and click on Done

Chrome change search engine

8. Choose Extensions from the left pane, click on the trash bin icon to remove the unwanted search engine

Chrome delete Get Privacy Switch

9. Close the browser and restart it

Remove Searchvzc.com with an Automatic Removal Tool

Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware, the effective remover of browser hijackers on your computer now.

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Run the setup file after it has been downloaded successfully, and then follow the instructions to install Plumbytes Anti-malware on your PC.

You can change the default installation language on the top right corner. Click on the INSTALL button and the setup wizard will start.

install Plumbytes Anti-Malware step 1

When the installation is completed, this program will automatically update its database and perform a new scan for your computer system. It will scan through the whole computer for all kinds of potential malware threats.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware starts scan

You can browse the details of scanning results while the scan is in process.

The time for completing the scan depends on the particular condition on individual computer system. After the scanning gets finished, all detected threats will be marked and you can remove them all by simply clicking on the “REMOVE NOW” button.

If there are any safe programs being wrongfully flagged as malicious items and you want to keep them on your computer, you should deselect them before clicking the “REMOVE SELECTED” button.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware remove threats

Once the program finishes the removal, please restart your PC to make the change take effect.

Important Note: The free version of Plumbytes Anti-Malware only supports the malware scan. If you want to want to clean all detected threats, you need to buy its registered version.

To sum up, browser hijackers like Searchvzc.com are designed to hijack your web browser and redirect you to random advertising websites. It is not only annoying but also harmful. Being infected by this browser hijacker, you will be forced to visit the unwanted websites, receive a lot of deceptive ads, and even suffer from the identify theft. Hence, it is important that you perform a removal of Searchvzc.com without any delay.

Be sure to note that, simply removing the browser hijacker’s website URL from your affected browser may not help completely get rid of it from your PC. Most of time, you still need to use a professional malware removal tool to clean other codes related to the browser hijacker from your system, so as to avoid it from returning to your machine.

Try the tool below!

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