Delete and Remove Privacy Switch from Browser

“My browser is being redirected to, how do l stop this? After I installed the Privacy Switch extension, my Chrome browser redirects me to random websites and my search engine was changed to It makes difficult for me to surf the web with all these disturbing redirects. Does anyone know what to do about this, besides reinstalling the browser?

If you are having trouble with unwanted popups & redirects on your PC, you can try the troubleshooting steps in this post to solve your problems. For safety’s sake, it is suggested that you get a malware scanner to perform a comprehensive scan and remove the browser hijacker for you:

What is is an ad-supported website which is used to promote obscure web browser extension. Privacy Switch is a browser hijacker that disguises as a normal browser extension provided in this website. Though this extension has its own download page and there seems to be no advertising contents, it can’t be concluded that this extension will not do any harm to your computer.

Detailed Information of Privacy Switch

Threat Name:
Privacy Switch
File Size:
Last updated:
Main Behaviors:
Take control of all your browsers
Spy on your online activities,
Steal all your login credentials and other valuable information
Suggested Removal Solution:

Different browser extensions can be used for various purposes. They usually are integrated with standard web technologies, such as HTML and JavaScript. They are developed by third parties; however, not all third parties are reliable. The suspicious Privacy Switch extension announces that it is able to protect your online privacy by preventing your browsing from being tracked. Nowadays the advertisers usually use cookies to track users’ Internet browsing routine and remember users’ preferences – typically without their consent. With this extension, users are able to defense their browsing habits by blocking the tracking cookies from most unknown third party, but how can you trust it? homepage

In fact, this is a malicious browser extension which is associated with redirect virus. Almost all websites uses cookies in order to customize and improve each user’s browsing experience. A legit website or extension will limit the kinds of cookies they collect and never include the information that identifies a visitor. However, as advertising platform, and its extension will track your all activities and use the information to deliver ads tailored to your interests so as to attract you to click on, so that they can earn more advertising revenue.

When Privacy Switch adware is being installed on your browser, it asks for the following permissions:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
  • Communicate with cooperating websites
  • Manage your apps, extensions, and themes


Get Privacy Switch installation 1

This means that this extension can interact with all web pages after it has been added to the browser. For instance, it can acquire the password that you have entered in a website, or see the banking details. What’s more, it can send all the data it collects to the server or wherever it wants for illegal use, which clearly puts users’ privacy at risk.

Get Privacy Switch installation 2

Privacy Switch is a browser hijacker and you will soon find out that after it gets installed. When you run the extension, your browser actually gets exposed to the danger of cyber attacks instead of getting protected. Your browser settings like homepage, new tab page and default search engine will be under the control of or other malicious websites. This browser hijacker targets at Google Chrome users and may support versions for other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

It may force you to visit by taking control of your browser. This website is also an insecure site and it is suggested not to use it. If you use it as the search engine, you will be redirected to another fake search website. These fake search engines actually serve for the purpose that generating income from the online traffic, so you will be redirected to random sites and additional malware will be installed. The term “Communicate with cooperating websites” is actually saying that your computer will be bombarded with unstoppable pop-up windows of malicious websites. If you don’t get rid of Privacy Switch malware and quickly, your browsing activities will always be interrupted by pop-up ads and your private information will be in danger.

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Steps to Remove Privacy Switch and from Your Browser

This browser hijacker could get itself associated with some of the important system services which enables it work as a necessary operating system process. This makes it more difficult to locate and identify the malicious file on the infected system. Even if you are able to identify the malicious component, it can be a tough task to delete the file because the file is running as part of operating system file.

It is recommended running a malware protection program on the computer to scan for the infections on your PC first. If your current security program cannot detect Privacy Switch or any related files, try running a free malware scan with the scanning tool below:


End relevant process from Task Manager

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly bring up Task Manager Window:

windows 7 task manager

2. Users should check from Task Manager and see if there is any relevant process occupying the system resources and then end it immediately.

Remove related program from Control Panel

For Windows 7/Vista

  1. Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

win7 uninstallprogram

  1. Now find out the threatening programs or something suspicious then click “Uninstall/Change” like below.

For Windows 8

1. Click Charms bar > Settings > Control Panel.


2. Search for “Uninstall a program” and click on it.

3. Look for suspicious programs, select them and click “Uninstall”.

Remove Get Privacy Switch and from Your Browser

Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

IE internet options

Replace the URL of and enter another web address that you want to set as home page under Home page in General tab.

Click on Apply and OK.

Change Internet explorer homepage

Click on the Tools icon at the top right corner of the Internet Explorer and select Manage Add-ons from the context menu.

Internet explorer manage add-ons

Select Search Providers from list of Add-on Types.

IE Search providers

If the dubious search engine is your current search provider, you need to select the other search engine like Google or Bing as default and then you are allowed to remove malicious search engine.

You can also check for unwanted browser toolbars or extensions in Toolbars and Extensions.

IE toolbars

As long as you find any malicious item, select it and click on Disable.

IE Disable toolbars

If your browser homepage still gets redirected to unwanted websites, you may need to fix the browser shortcut manually.

Right click the shortcut of IE browser and select Properties.

IE Shortcut properties

Look at the Target field, delete everything following Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” and click on OK to apply the change.

fix IE shortcut

Mozilla Firefox
1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Click Menu > Options

Firefox menu options
3. In General tab, delete the link of and enter a new home page link

Firefox change homepage

4. Switch to Search tab, choose the unwanted search engine and click on Remove
5. Click Menu > Add-ons

extensions and plugins of firefox

6. Choose Extensions tab, click on Remove button to uninstall the unwanted browser extension
7. Choose Plugins tab, choose Never Activate to stop the malicious plug-in from running

Never activate firefox plugins

8. Close the browser and restart it

Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click on More icon > Settings

Chrome settings

3. Click on Change under Appearance

Chrome change homepage


4. You will see that the homepage as well as new tab page are set as the web address of the browser hijacker. Delete it and input a new web address you like and click on OK

Chrome change homepage 2

5. Click Manage search engines… Under Search you can find that your search settings is under control of Privacy Switch

Chrome manage search engine

6. Make Google or other famous search engine as your preferred search engine before you delete the unwanted one

remove malicious search engine from Chrome 1

7. Delete Myprivacyswitch search engine from the list and click on Done

remove malicious search engine from Chrome 2

8. Choose Extensions from the left pane, click on the trash bin icon to remove the Privacy Switch search engine

Chrome delete Get Privacy Switch


9. Close the browser and restart it

Remove PUP Privacy Switch with Automatic Removal Tool


Download the effective remover of Privacy Switch malware on your computer now.

Open the installer after it has been downloaded successfully , and then follow the instructions to install SpyHunter malware scanner.

SpyHunter installation step 2

When installation is completed, run this tool and click on “Scan Computer Now!” to start a quick scan of your computer system.

If you need a thorough scan, please uncheck the box of Quick Scan option.

Scan computer now

You can browse the details of scanning results while the scan is in process.

SpyHunter detects Chipopo

The time for completing the scan depends on the particular condition on individual computer system. After the scan get finished, select all threats found and click “Fix Threats” to remove them.

SpyHunter removes Chipopo

A good browser extension allows the browser to perform certain additional functionalities and features not available in the browser by default. Users should be careful what extensions they bring to browsers especially if they have the “all data” permission. A lot of users don’t even know what permissions they have given to the third party exactly and install the browser add-ons and extensions directly and that give the chance for malicious program to access the system. Bad browser extensions like Privacy Switch are designed to be malicious and will bring users to potentially malicious sites. Check out the extension page in the download store and search for more info on the Internet if you are going to download it, and if it looks sketchy, don’t install it. Using our security tool can protect your PC against cyber threats and attackers using stolen online credentials to remotely log into your accounts more effectively.


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