About Us

We want to help people resolve the computer security related issues and keep their PCs away from malware.

Today malware is everywhere on the Internet. Most of time, even though computer users are careful enough, their computers would still be infected by malware.

Without knowing how to deal with malware, many users tend to miss the best time to remove the threats on their PCs. As a result, they suffer from more unwanted problems due to the malware infection, such as file corruption, data loss, and even confidential information theft.

We want to avoid this.

Getting infected by malware isn’t fun. It is both annoying and frustrating. People’s computers will become slow and behave in an unusual way, which could drive them mad. However, the removal of malware seems not so easy. It could be time-consuming and proved to be ineffectual.

We want to change this.

Who We Are?

We are a team devoted to provide help with malware issues. Our website, www.icleansoftware.com, offers useful guides for removal of various malware threats, plus other information related to computer security. All readers are able to free access the information on our website.


What We Do?

We posted updates every day, providing the removal guides for the latest malware threats. We also regularly make how-to videos and update new information related to computer security. Besides, we will selectively answer questions raised by our visitors.

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